Brett King


“BANK 2.0 will change the way you think about banking in the future. Audacious, provocative and sometimes controversial, Brett King redefines the paradigm of consumer banking. This compelling book is guaranteed to send your pulse racing and your mind searching for a new strategy for your bank.”
Suvo Sarkar, Executive Vice President, Emirates NBD

“BANK 2.0 represents a view of the future of bank retailing and channel strategies for the next decade. The fact that banks take so long to respond to these changes in the status quo means that any bank acting upon the key recommendations in this book will be a step ahead of the competition, and that surely is no bad thing. Now think what you could be if you acted upon all of the recommendations.”
Chris Skinner, Chairman, The Financial Services Club

“BANK 2.0 is informed by Brett King’s analysis of trends in banking over many years. Brett’s work has led to significant performance improvements in some very large and well respected financial institutions. I’ve worked with Brett and I have seen some of the results; they explain why Brett is highly sought after as an authority on banking and how the industry is likely to evolve into the future.”
Dr. Richard Petty, President, CPA Australia

“On the Web and on Mobile the customer isn’t king—they’re dictator. Highly impatient, skeptical, cynical. Brett King understands deeply what drives this new hard-nosed customer. Banking professionals would do well to heed his advice.”
Gerry McGovern, author of Killer Web Content

“The impact of the Internet and mobile devices has made the rules in managing channels and how we reach customers a moving target. This book does something that no one I know has been able to do thus far — teach us to re-design our instincts first and then our knowledge about how this moving target will evolve. With the correct instinct, we will be able to respond correctly to the rules as they change. I am very grateful to Brett for putting down to paper the instincts that he has been able to hone over the years. Brett is a true international; he is probably one of the few I know who can draw from personal examples from across Asia, where as much and maybe more innovations are taking place in financial services, as anywhere else in the world.”
Emmanuel Daniel, Chairman, The Asian Banker Journal

“Creating more value for customers is a hallmark of successful and growing organisations. But the field of competitive battle has changed. What customers value today is different from what they appreciated years ago, and will be very different once again in the rapidly unfolding future. Bank 2.0 brings together Brett King’s incomparable view of technology, strategy, customer value and delivering superior service. His insights are a “must read” for anyone who wants to attract and keep customers in the incredible years ahead.”
Ron Kaufman, Author and founder of UP Your Service! College

“Finally, a perspective on technology that works from the consumer to the bank. Bank 2.0 is a must read for anyone who wants to understand where financial services are headed, why and the critical choices banks must make. No book can provide a roadmap for every institution, but Bank 2.0 certainly shows where true north lies.”
Phil Strause, Retired International Practice Director, Financial Institutions, Deloitte Consulting


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