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    There have been fundamental changes to our way of living and conducting business as a result of technology. Instead of responding, “Duh,” we should all take a deep breath and think about things differently and creatively, unencumbered by our past. The problem is most people don’t take the time to think because that same technology overwhelms many with information, leading to a culture of “do-ers” – those who are very busy DOING. What does it mean if community banks and credit unions don’t innovate, don’t leverage the latest technology has to offer, and goes about business the way they always have? What organizations would take their place, and would they be focused on the needs of the individual and small businesses, or would they look more like the big banks that exist today?

  2. Thanks for writing this, but I find it sad that it even has to be written. As a member of a younger generation that you speak of and coming from a European country where checks are unheard of, I start laughing at bank clerks when they start discussing checks when opening an account. My laughter quickly turns to sadness when I see how their websites function. I have no problems with changing banks when they force anachronisms on me and have done so multiple times. At my company we’re building a tool to make them even more obsolete as they currently are.

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