Brett King

EU Exposure for BANK 2.0

In Retail Banking on May 25, 2010 at 01:42

As the UK release date for BANK 2.0 rapidly approaches (just 6 days to go), I’m flattered to see that the book is getting some blog traction and some mindshare in the EU. Here are a few links to some nice pieces on BANK 2.0 and covering my blog.

Usability-Freunde.deMalte Moeller (Germany)

Bank-Zweinull.deMartina Goehring

Banca due zeroRoberto Grossi
Join Robert’s group on LinkedIn too if you can

CyberlibrisEric B @ ScholarVox
You can order the eBook of BANK 2.0 from Cyberlibris @ ScholarVox also

Social Banking 2.0Lothar Lochmaier

Bankervision – James Gardner

So thanks to all my EU friends for the gracious coverage of the book and my blog. Enjoy the read!



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